Wednesday, 4 May 2011

English Grammar

So to continue , we have learnt that a Sentence is a group of words that make complete sense.

Let's rearrange the following group of words into meaningful sentences:-

1) is girl book the a reading.
2) huge a is ball rock the moon of
3) my kite -flying favourite is pastime
4) to collect likes Alice stamps.
5) young when used to I was I fish in water.
6) grown hot countries is pineapple in.
7) a last night thief into the broke into house.
8) landed into snakes a valley Sindbad of.
9) writing these a book am I days.
10) tired felt took nap a I and.


1) The girl is reading a book.
2) The moon is a huge ball of rock.
3) Kite-flying is my favourite pastime.
4) Alice likes to collect stamps.
5) When I was young I used to fish in water.
6) Pineapple grows in hot countries.
7) A thief broke into the house last night.
8) Sindbad broke into a valley of snakes.
9) I am writing a book these days.
10) I felt tired and took a nap.

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