Wednesday, 4 May 2011

English Grammar


A sentence always begins with a capital letter . It ends in a full-stop , question mark or mark of exclamation.

English Grammar

So to continue , we have learnt that a Sentence is a group of words that make complete sense.

Let's rearrange the following group of words into meaningful sentences:-

1) is girl book the a reading.
2) huge a is ball rock the moon of
3) my kite -flying favourite is pastime
4) to collect likes Alice stamps.
5) young when used to I was I fish in water.
6) grown hot countries is pineapple in.
7) a last night thief into the broke into house.
8) landed into snakes a valley Sindbad of.
9) writing these a book am I days.
10) tired felt took nap a I and.


1) The girl is reading a book.
2) The moon is a huge ball of rock.
3) Kite-flying is my favourite pastime.
4) Alice likes to collect stamps.
5) When I was young I used to fish in water.
6) Pineapple grows in hot countries.
7) A thief broke into the house last night.
8) Sindbad broke into a valley of snakes.
9) I am writing a book these days.
10) I felt tired and took a nap.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Sentence

We make use of signs and gestures to express our thoughts sometimes but we cannot only depend on them. We also need words to convey our feelings hidden behind our thoughts and words are formed by joining alphabet.
Similarly we join words to form a sentence.

Bill cat on mat.
Go do so.
Will do at sat.

The above words are all in a group but they cannot be termed as sentences. The words in a sentence are in a proper order and they make a complete sense. For example:

Bill sat on a mat.
I shall go and do so.
Will you do my work?
The above group of words are sentences for they are arranged in definite order and they make a complete sense.
Definition of Sentence:-   A sentence is a group of words that make a complete sense.

An Introduction

language is a medium of expression and communication. Human beings have been gifted with this wonderful creation i.e Language. We are able to convey our thoughts and feelings so easily with the help of this medium. Not only this, we have also been gifted with a unique ability to learn any language across the world. 
All the languages are important, no doubt, but English has occupied a special place by becoming a universal language ---- the language of the world --- being spoken by the largest number of people. 
The foundation of every language is its Grammar without which it is incomplete and incomprehensible. And so we have English Grammar.

My first and foremost effort , through this blog, would be to make the readers familiar with basic grammar items and then move on to integrated grammar exercises. I hope u find them beneficial.